As the intense need to hold religious and political regimens, rituals, and dictates, to be the only doorway to our deep sense of spiritual connection and social advancement fall away, we now stand in unmitigated visions of what is not only possible, but what we absolutely resonate with on a soul level.

We are at this most exciting time in history with the emerging capabilities to calibrate with and bring about solutions into our human families’ lives on a micro and macro level as well. We are poised to bring all of the knowledge, wisdom and experience that we have earned to the areas of our lives that await the application of these problems alchemized into the solutions that fit us perfectly.

Our planet is primed for what we can now do as we are transcending the old to bring transformation for the new.

Welcome to the Confessional. We sit as witnesses in honor to the blessings born from our visceral encounters in this life and other life passages.

Our journey together will be one of discovery and engagement on a level that will blow any ideas that we are ever powerless out of the stratosphere. Individually we will transcend, and together we will transform.

This is not just a radio show. This is a lightning rod for anyone who has ever wondered where they can connect to raise the quality of life and consciousness of our precious experience on planet earth. This is a chance to come together and elevate one another as people, communities, countries and the world, now and in places we would never have imagined in our future.