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  1. I can not wait to see what the outcome of this radio show will be. For one, the Host Christine, knows how to book a good party. Two, she knows how to select a topic & persons to get people’s interests. I am confident that it will have a successful outcome, people will what more. Now we shall wait & see. Drum roll please……….

  2. The show tonight was awesome! I can wait to see what is in store next week. I really enjoyed the mix of interviewing the studio guests and taking live calls. A great spiritual feeding for a relaxing Sunday.

  3. I am always ready to learn about “me”. It is thought provoking to pay attention to how I am the solution to the “problem”. Thank you for guiding us.

  4. Hey everyone!
    I have been receiving so many requests for past shows, and I am working on it! I have a new archiving company and the shows will be available in the next week!

    I am so honoured and blessed to be your host, and am thrilled to see what will be happening next on the unified field with you, and on The Confessional Radio Show!

    God is with us!

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