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  1. Congratulations, Christine, on your first show. You are off to a great start and I look foward to listening again every Sunday.

  2. I confess. I am the recipient of many blessings. At certain times in my life I have wanted to walk away from the problem(s), but I had to risk and stay in the game to make my contribution to become part of the solution. And many times, the solution was better than I expected and not 100% from anything I did. Love from Tia Mo

  3. 10/17 I was listening but did not get the names of the guests you had today. Could you tell me who they were? Thanks so much,

  4. Hi Christine! Thanks for having Madeline on today’s show. Question for her: today in the Good Timing Guide is all green however at 0:13 am does that mean it turned red (fruitless) or it was over?



  5. Hi, I listened to your show for the first time on Sunday (#108) because my friend Lori was on. Such an amazing talk! I found it extremely uplifting and inspiring. I’d like to listen again, however the 1150kknw.com/archives links don’t include ‘The Confessional’. Is the show recorded and archived? I’m wondering if it’s available somewhere else. The past shows link here just loops me back to the 1150kknw list. Also notice your showtime here says Thursdays 12-1 instead of Sundays 1-2. Thank you!

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